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The new and improved retention feature in BookIt makes it easier to retain books that you want to keep in the store for the next semester. We think you'll love it. 

This feature will let you upload a want list, set a customized message to notify your store which books will be retained so they can be set aside, create a Purchase Order as you go, and even print out your Invoice. Below is a brief walk-through of the process, including screenshots. Enjoy!

If you'd rather take a curated tour of how Retention works in BookIt, click here to skip to the video.

Upload a Wantlist

To get started click on the Manage Bookstore tab on the left-hand side of your BookIt home page.


On the Rental Retention screen, you will notice a progress bar at the top as well as a total number of books retained and number of books outstanding. The retained books number will increase as you receive books on your wantlist, while the outstanding number will decrease as books are received, returned, marked as damaged, or purchased by the student.

To continue, click on the Start Retaining button.

From this screen, you can upload your wantlist as well as download the wantlist template. The wantlist upload file has only three columns, ISBN13, Title (optional), and Qty.

Important: Don't edit those column headers! Save your template as either a .xlsx or .csv format. 


Edit Wantlist

Once the wantlist has been uploaded, you will be able to see the unit price for retaining each book, as well as the quantity you have available for retention. Based on this new information you can make edits to the quantity to retain. You will notice three columns of information that will help you complete your wantlist:

  • Unit Price - This is the amount you will pay for each book once your invoice is finalized.
  • Qty Avail - This is a total of all outstanding rentals that have not been added to a Purchase Order or Return Order.
  • Qty to Retain - The number on the right is the quantity originally uploaded on your wantlist. The number on the left will match the uploaded number unless there is not enough quantity available to retain, or you make any edits. Notice in the example image below, we did not have enough quantity available to fulfill the 5 books uploaded on our wantlist for The Art of Watching Films, so the number was lowered to 3 and matched the quantity available. 

Add PO

To complete your Purchase Order you can add a PO number as well as a custom message that will notify your store that these books are being kept as students bring them back. The message will no longer display once the retention amount has been reached. If at any time you navigate out of the retention process, your PO will be saved in the pending PO's tab in the retain home screen (see below).


The last step is to click on the Create PO button. Your PO has now been created and can be found by clicking on the Retain tab under Manage Bookstore. It will be listed under Current Purchase orders until your forced purchase date (7 days after your rental due date) when it will be moved to the finalized tab. 

Two points are highlighted important things to note here: 

  1. Your PO isn't finalized until all the books are returned to your store. On your forced purchase date, we will assume the outstanding books will not be returned and finalize your PO. 
  2. Your PO is editable until your forced purchase date. If you need to make changes or adjustments, you can come back anytime. Any new titles you wish to retain, will need to be added to a separate PO. 

Reviewing and Printing off your PO/Invoice

You can go back into your PO and track your progress at any time. You will notice that in addition to the quantity available, you can now see the number of books that have been received as well as the current total of the PO. 


Once your PO has been created you can print off a copy of it at any time, but the print Icon will change what is printed depending on the status of your PO. If your PO is in the current status and has not been finalized, the print icon will print off a Purchase Order. Once the PO has been finalized, the icon will then print off an Invoice, saving you time from reaching out to Support to get one. 


Still not convinced? Watch the video.





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