Ingenico Pin Pad Troubleshooting

We know it can be super frustrating to have a Pin Pad suddenly stop working. Here are some troubleshooting tactics you can try that will hopefully get you up and running as quick as possible.

If your Pin Pad's screen is frozen on a transaction:

Hold down the minus and yellow clear button at the same time until the Pin Pad manually resets.

In Pro, go to Admin > Devices > PIN Pad and click Reboot.

If you get this error when you reboot:

Go to your computers Device Manager > Click Ports > Ingenico Pin Pad > Properties > Port. There it will tell you what port your computer thinks the pin pad is in. This number should match the number in Pro under Admin > Devices in this format "COM8." If that number doesn't match, change the COM in Pro to match the number in your Device Manager. 

If you are still getting Failed to Connect errors:

If this isn't already installed on your computer, install this Ingenico Test App.

If it is installed, open the app. 

Make sure the Port is correct and try connecting to the Pin Pad through the app, by clicking "Open." If the Pin Pad says "Please Slide Card" then the app is connecting successfully to the Pin Pad. 

Try re-installing the driver using this link:

  1. Click Next, Next, Check Force COM Port Feature enabled.
  2. Product ID set as 0062 (iSC250)
  3. Virtual COM Port set to 8
  4. Click Next, Install.
  5. In Pro go to Admin > Devices > PIN Pad > and make sure the COM is set to COM8. 
  6. Try rebooting the Pin Pad from Pro. 

Try updating the driver: 

Go to and download the free version.

After you download Driver Max, scan the computer for updates.  

It will pull up driver updates for all devices on your computer. There will be two Ingenico ones--the pin pad and the port.

Download both of those, then restart the computer.

Check the port again by going to Device Manager > Ports > Ingenico > Properties > Port (it changes when you update the driver).

Make sure that number matches the number in Pro, and then try rebooting the pin pad from Pro.

If the pin pad is working it should say "This Lane Closed" when the retail cart is not open in Pro, and "Please Slide Card" when the retail cart is open in Pro. 




If none of those troubleshooting solutions worked for you, give us a call on the support line 800-699-4558 extension 2 or reach out to us here and we'll get everything figured out!


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