Editing a BookIt User

If you need to adjust a user's permission settings, then you've come to the right article. If you'd rather create or remove a user, then click those links. 



First, click on this link to go to BookIt. You'll need to be a Bookstore Manager to continue. 

Log in to BookIt. You'll see the Settings menu on the left hand side. Click it. 

Next, you'll see Users under Bookstore Settings. It's your first option. Click that, too. 

This will bring you to a list of all users associated with your store. Depending how large your team is, you'll need to filter down from here to the user you need. Just start typing in the Type to Filter box and BookIt filter the list for you. 

Once you've found your user, click their name. This will get you to the Edit User menu. Scroll to the bottom to look at Roles

From here, you're off to the races. Check or uncheck the boxes you need; then scroll to the bottom to Submit your changes. 

Your changes will take effect immediately, which makes promoting people on the fly really easy. Enjoy!



Questions? We can help! Send an email to support@gosidewalk.com and our Store Support team will take care of you. 

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