Creating a new BookIt User

If you've found this article, then your team's growing--congratulations! If you'd rather learn how to edit BookIt user permissions, click here. If you want to retire a BookIt user altogether, click here


To create a new user, click on this link to go to BookIt. You'll need to be a Bookstore Manager to continue. 

Log in to BookIt. You'll see the Settings menu on the left hand side. Click it. 

Next, you'll see Users under Bookstore Settings. It's your first option. Click that, too. 

This will bring you to a list of all users associated with your store. Click the Add User button to get started. 

 Enter all relevant data to create the user, starting with the username. (Hint: Pick this username carefully. The user will use every time they log in and they can't change it.)

Next, select the Role(s) you want your new user to have access to. This is a great little menu, since it will allow you to focus your team into their particular roles and permissions. Plus, it's fairly customizable. 

If you don't check any boxes besides the default, then congratulations: you've created a cashier! 

Finally, create a password for your new user. They'll use this the first time they log in to BookIt, but they can change it after, if they want to. 

Click Submit, and BookIt will create your user immediately. Then it's just up to you to deliver the good news!

If you'd like to learn how to adjust the user permission settings, click here. 

If you'd like to learn how to remove a BookIt user, click here. 



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