BookIt Release 7.14.16

Retention and Returns:

  • Some users were able to double click, triple purchase, or--depending on the browser you tend to use--fail completely to retain textbooks. Now, once a successful purchase goes through, you won't be able to click the button re-purchase that same item. 
  • If your booklist has some ISBNs designated Guaranteed Buyback, BookIt will automatically add them to the Store PO's tab in the Return screen, so that you don't have to spend any time thinking about them. You've got better things to do. 
  • And while we're on the subject, if your store receives a Rent+ book back damaged, BookIt will automatically add that to your Returns screen. One of the perks of Sidewalk as a rental partner is that we'll take those Rent+ damaged books right back. 


  • Thanks to our friends in New Jersey, kiosks using alternative payments only (asking students to go to the store's cash register to secure payment, subsidizing rentals with financial aid, etc.) won't ask students for a credit card anymore. 
  • To speed up the end of term reconciliation process, BookIt will now send our Accounting department an email whenever your store finalizes a purchase order. (BookIt already sends an email to our Store Support team when you ship a Return Order.) Cool, right? 


  • Thanks to our friends in Pennsylvania, the Books Rented Report now doesn't show books with condition switches. And for good measure, we reduced the time it takes for this report to run. You'll get better data, faster.  


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