What do Control Dates control?

You might have already read through our post on Setting Control Dates. If not, I suggest checking it out. In this post, we will talk through what Control Dates are for and how to set them for success. Control Dates sound really simple, but we’ve seen some people get confused, and we do not want you to be one of those people. We like you, and want to set you up for stardom!

When thinking about control dates there is a question that you should ask yourself: “When do you want students to be able to see the term?” This is the “Start Date.” It should line up with your school's registration date to be HEOA compliant.

The “End Date” is the date the term will drop away from view for the student. Think of the start and end dates as the visibility dates.

When creating a new term, it is important not to confuse a term that is being used in Hero with the control dates of the term. Your school can have multiple terms (the number of terms does not matter) all with different start and end dates.  Any terms that have courses and sections assigned to them are available for faculty, coordinators and admins. This is so all background adoptions work can take place, even months in advance of a term starting. Control dates determine when students will be able to see the adoptions and purchase content through Hero.

We are really excited about this feature and we know that faculty and students will benefit from it.


Last but not least, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to support@gosidewalk.com, if you have any life-changing questions.







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