BookIt Release 6.16.16

End of Term:

  • When you receive a student's book back into your store, she gets an email confirming that she's all taken care of. Thanks to this release, that email will always include the name of the received book. 
  • If you've deleted an ISBN from your booklist after a few of your customers have rented it, those rented copies will still be eligible for you to retain. 
  • If you're in an open Purchase Order and want to go back a page, you can now use your browser's back buttons to do it!

Merchant Functions:

  • Our rental program automatically filters out fraudulent attempts to rent from your store. In this release, we've put a few more filters into play. 

Reports and Data Sorts:

  • The Books Rented Report was having a spot of trouble exporting a barcode for every ISBN. We're caching those barcodes for easier exporting. 


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