Pro Release 3.26.7

Merchant Functions:

  • Receipts for a very small number of clients were showing duplicate line items for shipping charges, which means that your customers could have suspected they were being overcharged (even though they weren't). We've changed how shipping displays for those clients. 
  • If you tried to reverse or refund a rental force purchase, you discovered a fatal error last week. That's no fun, so we've fixed the problem. 
  • Improvement: We've added an Agent button to the Customer Search window, so that you can search for an Agent and make a payment right there. The old way involved about 37 buttons too many. 


  • Rental force purchases weren't showing consistently on your Register Reports (the total would be correct, but the line item would be blank). Now they are!
  • The Cash Reconciliation Report wasn't showing rental force purchases, either, so we gave them their own special column!
  • Improvement: Due to popular request, we've added a Customer ID column to the Rental Fee Worksheet. It'll be a pretty wide report, but if you're an institutional store, chances are that your campus billing department is going to love you for the addition. 

Text and Trade Books:

  • If you use 2x4 labels, then fantastic! We've added a barcode on the side for easy scanning, and cleaned up the numbers and codes in the fine print, so everything on there is relevant to you. 

Web Commerce:

  • If you need to fulfill an online order in multiple shipments, that's great. Pro will only charge your customer the shipping she agreed to when she completed the original transaction online. 
  • New Feature: You've waited a long, long time for this one: Pro's now all set to charge your customers' cards when you fulfill their order, not when they transact online. This article should answer most of your questions and feed the majority of your joy. 



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