BookIt Returns Part 2: Returns

Welcome to part 2 of our Returns walkthrough! If you want to start at the beginning, head here

You probably want to return books to Sidewalk for three reasons: 

  1. The book hasn't been adopted for the next term.

  2. The book might be adopted next term--but the adoptions aren't in from faculty yet, and you don't want to risk retaining a book you won't use.

    (If you're in this situation and it turns out later that you want the book, don't worry! We've created a product called Marketplace that will help you source back that same inventory.)

  3. The book came back damaged.

If you're just joining us, click on Manage Bookstore on the left hand side of your screen, then click Return


Managing Your Awaiting Decision List

Adding books to a return is just as easy as adding them to a purchase. Enter the quantity you wish to return in the text box under Qty to Return and then click Add to Return. Like this!

When you click Add to Return, the book(s) will shoot straight over to a Return Order on the Sidewalk Returns tab. 


Scan Mode

If you prefer to scan books in one copy at a time, you can do that, too!

This method's very useful if you find yourself wading through a big pile of books with nothing but your scanner and your wits about you. Instead of scrolling through the list to find the book that you've got in your hand, you just scan and go. Each time you scan a book, one copy of that ISBN will move from your Awaiting Decision tab to the Sidewalk Returns tab. 

It's easy to enable. There's a little toggle in the upper right hand corner of your screen, like this: 

Click it, and you're off to the races. Books you scan as Returns go to the Sidewalk Returns tab, just like books you manually return. 

Finalizing Returns

 Whether you scan them or type them, you'll get a robust returns list really quickly. To finalize a Return Order, head to the Sidewalk Returns tab. 

Once you click Finalize Return, you'll see a popup that looks like this:

If you're not ready to ship the Return yet, don't worry. Click Finalize and go find books to box. 


If you are ready to ship the Return, things get cool. Click Yes, and the popup expands:

Once you fill out these details (you can also add other finalized returns to one shipment!), click Finalize, and BookIt will send a shipment request to our Store Support team. They will email your shipping label and shipment details to the email address you specify. 

If you want to look over previously finalized returns, it's no problem. Down at the bottom of your page, click Finalized Returns to expand the list. You'll see the Ship Return button next to any return that doesn't have a shipment request. 


And that's it!

If you have questions, call your Customer Success Manager, or shoot an email over to

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