Rental Returns Part 1: Store POs


When students flood back into your store with rentals to return, you'll sort them generally into two piles: books you want to keep, and books you want to send back to Sidewalk. 

To help you out, we've created a Returns module inside of BookIt. To get there, click on Manage Bookstore on the left hand side of your screen, then click Return

You'll default to the Awaiting Decision list, which includes all books that have been received back at your store and that aren't already on a retention Purchase Order. In other words, anything that you haven't already decided to keep or return shows up here. 

If you want to retain any of these books, note the number you'd like to keep in the Qty to Purchase tab. The Add to PO button will appear; once you click it, those books will move off the Awaiting Decision list and over to the Store POs tab. Easy. 

Leave those books on the Store POs tab as long as you like. Once you’re ready, you can create and finalize a new purchase order or choose to add the books to an existing purchase order.

If you choose to add to an existing retention PO, you will be updating the PO rather than finalizing. Retention POs are automatically finalized on your forced purchase date, one week after the rental due date for the current semester. 

From this screen, of course, you can always view or download finalized purchase orders. 


Ready to return? Head over to part two of this walkthrough. 

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