Pro Release Notes 3.26


Merchant Functions:

  • We want to reward your grace and generosity. If you need to complete a large refund for a customer, we've now doubled the length of time Pro will work to refund before timing out--increasing it up to 10 minutes. You can refund a lot of money in ten minutes. 
  • If your store has non-serialized textbook inventory, you can now Set Quantity for it just like you can for non-serialized general merchandise inventory. That might not sound like a big deal, but you'll thank us when a customer wants to buy all the textbooks for her octuplets in one transaction. 

Text and Trade Books:

  • We fixed a papercut of a bug that kept counting a deleted adoption towards the total number of titles available on your shelf tags. 
  • The Force Purchase Tool is here! If you've had any sort of emotional or financial sweat over your inability to run your own rental force purchases on your own time, sweat no longer. This feature lets you run a force purchase whenever and wherever you like, with--literally--the click of a button. Click here for a video tour!
  • Studio Sourcing was momentarily reluctant to add books to a Purchase Order for you. We reminded it of its duty. 
  • Course labels (all sizes) were not printing instructor names if Pro couldn't find the instructor's first name in your catalog. We've reminded Pro that faculty won't always be on a first name basis with the bookstore, and we're back in business. 


  • The Order Picklist wasn't displaying a client's phone number, until we came along. 
  • The Rental Transaction Report wasn't displaying Store Rental Refunds for a minute there. Now they're back!
  • The Wholesale Comparison Report is a fantastic way to compare the value of your inventory against two wholesaler buy guides and current Amazon value--especially now that the Amazon column isn't just listing zeroes. This report is a massive one, so we need to run it after hours for you. Just reach out to Pro Support if you ever need it!
  • The Inventory Breakdown Report was displaying zeroes for the Rented Quantity column, which was frankly ridiculous. Everyone rents books nowadays. We brought that report back to the 21st century, and it's ready for you.
  • Thoreau told us to "Simplify, Simplify." To our knowledge he didn't ascribe to the scrum methodology of product development, but we're listening anyway: the AR Activity Report - Summary can now be exported as a simple Excel file, ready for you to slice and dice data any way you like. 

Web Commerce:

  • This might be minor, but we get the feeling you'll majorly love it: we've added language to the Shipping Info section of the web checkout process, letting students know that they can absolutely choose to pick up their item(s) in your store, if they want to and if you have Pick Up enabled as a shipping option. 
  • Merchant was momentarily displaying about double the shipping charges that it should have for any one transaction (though the customer was charged the correct amount). We're sorry for the palpitations; we've fixed the display logic there. 


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