BookIt Release 5.6.16


End of Term:

  • Large Purchase Orders weren't loading for a large number of our clients. That's a large problem--and we fixed it! Jump right in again. 

  • The Case of the Missing Purchase Orders: The Hardy Boys have nothing on us. POs finalized within the Store POs tab of the return screen are now accessible from the Purchase Orders list at the bottom of the return screen--just like they're supposed to be. 

  • Improvement: We know that this is nit-picky. But there were several buttons that just didn't line up perfectly, and we started to develop Restless Leg Syndrome and headaches. Now that they're aligned, we can rest easy again.

  • Improvement: When you've finalized a return, BookIt will ask whether you'd like to ship the return right now. If you do, BookIt will ask you for a few details, and then take care of the rest! BookIt will submit a ticket to our Store Support team for you, leaving you with bushels of unexpected free time in your day. 

  • Once you've finished a Return Order in BookIt, you need to start picking books! You can now view a completed Return Order, and print out a picklist. 

  • A few of our users noticed that if they filtered a wantlist, BookIt did a great job. Then if they tried to remove the filter, BookIt ignored them completely. We've reminded BookIt of its duty. 

  • As soon as you move a book onto a Store's PO list, BookIt lets you export it. Which might not sound exciting, unless you were formerly unable to export your Store's POs list. 

  • Improvement: We've added a search bar to the Sidewalk Returns and Store POs tab in the Returns screen! When you start typing, it will start filtering!

Browser Experience:

  • Kiosk and reservation websites started displaying dark gray banners instead of banners in each school's colors, like they were supposed to. With this release, we've brought color back into the world. 


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