Exporting a Wantlist From Common POS Systems

MBS - Create MBS Want List for Sourcing

  1. Go to “Ordering Menu”
  2. Select “Maintain Want Lists”
  3. Select Term
  4. Click New Want List
  5. Creation Method Automatic (default) enter
  6. Select vendor
  7. Type -- Quote
  8. Transmission Method – Print
  9. Ship Date (optional)
  10. Ship Via Instructions “best way”
  11. Open to Buy % “buyer choice”
  12. Allocate next available PO number “No” (if not using quote for responses or to create a PO) then Enter
  13. Record created
  14. Click Generate to create the want list
  15. Highlight want list, select Print
  16. From the print queue, highlight the job, click email, select TXT (default) and send to whomever is creating the source list.



***BEFORE YOU BEGIN! If you don’t have Universal / Admin access in Ratex, find that person. It will make life easier in step 3.

  1. Create a want list. (most Ratex users should know how to do this.)
  2. When you go to print the want list, “in the print want list screen”, instead of routing it to a real printer, route it to “hold”
  3. Once it is routed to “hold” (a special printer in the “printer route list”), from the Admin menu: Administration > Spooler Maintenance > Entry (this is the step where you might need someone with Universal Access. In SidewalkLand, we call that an "Admin login”.)
  4. Once you complete Step 3, the result should be a Visual Ratex Screen. On that screen, click Export
  5. Select the Routing = E Excel
  6. Click Export
  7. This will deliver a file format which can be copied-pasted into the Sidewalk Import list.
  8. Do a sort in Excel based on the QTY column and the result will be a cleanly formatted list.
  9. Copy and paste the qty, ISBN, and title. 


  1. Sequoia Textbook Partner's Home Page 
  2. Main Menu
  3. Orders/Returns
  4. Wholesalers Want Lists & Orders
  5. Select Term
  6. Select File
  7. Generate Listing by Unfulfilled Quantities
  8. Name Designated Want List (Example Fall 2015)
  9. Press Ok
  10. Select Wholesaler
  11. Select either Ship date or Bin & Hold
  12. Begin Ordering Process


(sample screen shots and templates attached)

  1. Run the Wantlist in WinPRISM
  2. Export the report and save it as an Excel file in whatever folder you would like (Data Only)
  3. Pull up the file in Excel
  4. Expand all columns (Click upper most cell in the left corner then double click on a column line)
  5. Delete all columns (not just the words but the columns themselves), except those with Title, Qty, and ISBN
  6. Delete the top three rows
  7. The rows are now off from each other, so start with Column A (Title) and click the first title and scroll down to the bottom of the row
  8. Cut the data (Ctrl-X) go back to the top and paste the data one row up to line up with the Qty in Column B (Ctrl-V)
  9. Click the upper most left-handed cell again to highlight the entire page, choose Sort & Filter, Custom Sort, and sort by Column B. This will bring the Publisher codes to the end of the document so you can delete them all at once.
  10. Highlight the Publisher codes and Delete them.
  11. You can also delete the column Descriptions at this time.
  12. Click the upper most left-handed cell again and sort by Title
  13. Click Column C and Cut the column (Ctrl-X) and click on Column A and Right click and Insert Cut Cells
  14. Click on Column C and Click Insert to put in a column for Max Price
  15. Click on Column A and choose Find & Select
  16. Click on Replace and for Find What enter – and for Replace With, just leave blank. This will remove the dashes in the ISBN and click Replace All
  17. Click on Column A and right click and Choose Format Cells – Number, with no decimals
  18. Save the file as a CSV file



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