Sidewalk Pro 3.24 Release Notes

Sidewalk Pro 3.24 Release Notes



  • Credit Memo Search was ignoring anything you put into the date ranges. We've made sure it pays attention. 

Text and Trade Books:

  • For some stores, Pro was printing off duplicate shelf tags. We've fixed that behavior, so you won't burn through labels like you used to. 
  • Catalog term exports were timing out for all but very small terms. It turns out that Pro was trying to be extra helpful and calculate a list price for every listing in the term--even though you didn't ask it to. We've told Pro that you just need a smooth, quick catalog export. 
  • In a related bug, Pro tried very hard to calculate a list price for any book that you wanted to create a list price override for, and returned a non-fatal error instead. We fixed this one too!
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