Sidewalk Pro 3.23 Release Notes

Sidewalk Pro 3.23 Release Notes

General Merchandise:

  • If you searched for a Purchase Order using letters entirely (no numbers), Studio used to spit at you and call you names. Now it doesn't. 


Merchant Functions:

  • Quote Refunds to A/R accounts weren't showing tender types in the Refund Payment window. It was frustrating. 
  • Split transactions weren't displaying the "cash" tender type, either. Super frustrating on receipts. 
  • We're really hitting the corner cases this round. If you completed a buyback for more than 1 book, refunded one of the books, and then tried to refund the others, Pro would block you for a few silly technical reasons. We've straightened it all out. 
  • In Options > Markets > Portal 2, you can set Pro so that your web prices will default to your in-store prices. Great little checkbox, and it works fine. We just extended that feature functionality to the Web Cart within Merchant. Figure that should count as a "web price" transaction. 
  • Improvement: Rental transaction information now includes the book condition! Just like sales do! Just like you've always wanted!
  • Improvement: Retail receipts now show the Card Type (Visa, AmEx, etc.) on them. 


  • Textbook Buyback ReportWe've optimized this for non-serialized stores! If you've ever wanted to know the total number of an ISBN that you've purchased at a set price--and we know you have!--then this is the report for you. 
  • Sales Tax Summary Report: Most of our reports that involve sales tax allow you to break out items that aren't taxable, but if your store offers several different tax rates, then you need more. Well: here's more! This report will break out Tax Groups into their own column. Tax away!
  • Sales by ISBN Report: You guys are great! One lucky university sold so many textbooks that this report started timing out for them. We've put a new set of cylinders in the engine that calculates this report, so that you get your data quicker and for wider possible date ranges. Enjoy!

Text and Trade Books:

  • If vast swaths of your inventory just refused to return a List Price in Pro, then you might have thrown your computer down an escalator. If you haven't done that yet, don't; we've updated our price call to the Bowker Title Database.
  • Our pricing service was causing every book listed to Amazon through our Intake carts to price itself at $998.01. Unless that dollar value was your store's sweet spot, this was a problem. 
  • Shelf Tags! If you had 5 books adopted for a course, and canceled one, the shelf tags in the 5.5" x 4.25" size were still implying that there were 5 books in the course, e.g. "1 of 5," "2 of 5," etc. It used to cause students grief. Now it doesn't. 
  • If you searched for a Purchase Order using letters entirely (no numbers), Studio used to spit at you and call you names. Now it doesn't. 
  • The QTP's Sales and Rental information was different--OK, wrong--when compared to accurate information in Merchant. We've trued them up. 
  • Improvement: If you use our 4.25" x 11" Course Labels, then you're used to serious adoptions--7+ books per course. We created this course label for you, and we just made it much more expansive. Let us know if you start running out of room, and we'll do it again!
  • You couldn't print an RRA for a while there! Hoo-boy! Now you can. We don't want to talk about it. 

Web Commerce:

  • A student's Order Total at checkout now includes tax and shipping fees, if it didn't before. 
  • We've tweaked our Verba Compare API to match the Web Selling Dates that you select in Pro. 
  • Improvement: We've updated the wording on the auto-generated refund email, so that it no longer implies that the customer has been charged (rather than refunded) and so your customers no longer get heart attacks). 
  • If a customer purchased a taxable item from your website, and asked for it to ship out of state, they frequently received a "Card Declined" error as well as a very frustrating day. We fixed this immediately upon diagnosing the cause of the problem. 
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