Book Rush Prep List: Avoid Headaches with These Pro Settings

If you're gearing up for Book Rush, then you have a million things on your mind. Use this checklist to think less about your point of sale platform and more about where you stored your lucky Rush Socks. We've provided a printable version of this article at the end, so you can stuff it in your back pocket.

We don't think this is a comprehensive list--yet. Be sure to comment on this article with your additions!

Settings to Check: 

To reach your most commonly used settings, click the Options menu. 

1. Retail Settings 

Click the Options menu, select General, and refer to the Retail tab.

 Check the date deadlines for the various types of transactions to make sure they are correct for this semester.

 If Sidewalk is your Rental Assignee, set the Extra Expiration Days to 45 and check Force Credit Card for Rental.

2. Pricing Settings

Click the Options menu, select General, and refer to the Pricing tab. 

 Once your busy days begin and price changes have slowed it is best to increase the Price Cache time so that Sidewalk Pro holds a calculated price for several hours without recalculating using your Price Rules

This will speed up processes at the register, and (depending how you've structured your Price Rules) could save you Amazon calls.

3. Statement Comments 

Click the Options menu, select General, and refer to the Statement Comments tab. 

Review each statement to be sure that it is accurate for the current semester. 

 Customer Statement appears on each receipt. 

 Rental Statement appears on receipts (both in store and online) that contain rental books. 

Web Statement appears on online receipts.

4. Market Settings: Portal 1

Click the Options menu, select Markets, and refer to the Portal 1 tab.  

 Remember that you can update your Store Hours on your website by editing the information here in the Store Hours field.

    Market Settings: Portal 3

Click the Options menu, select Markets, and refer to the Portal 3 tab. 

 Review Minimum New and Minimum Used quantities for books to be sure this is the number at which you want the book to show up for sale online. 

5. Email Settings

Click the Options menu and select Email.

 Review your email comments that accompany the emails for your website.  Lots of different situational emails here to consider! 

 Remember, the last tab, “Retail Receipt” is what goes with an emailed receipt from In Store.

6. Price Rules

Click the Admin menu and select Price Rules. 

It is a good time to review the way your textbook prices will be calculated for each customer-facing transaction you think might come up.

 Spin through our Price Rules Strategy Guide, and make sure you like what you see in your own store. 

 Remember you can also set price overrides for titles where you are not happy with the price established by your rule.

7. Shipping Settings

Click the Admin menu, and refer to the Pricing tab. 

On the Pricing tab you can review your shipping charges to consider changes for bookrush. You can also set a cart level for free shipping.

8. Catalog Settings

You can access your current term's catalog in Merchant in one of three ways. Click the Catalog menu and select Catalog Perspective, select the  icon from the far right hand side of your screen, or press F8.  

Right click on the term you wish to edit and select Edit.

 Check the Start and End dates for your term.

 Set the term Refund deadline for textbook purchases.

 Verify that your Selling, Web Selling, and Buying dates are set correctly.

9. Hardware Tests

 Are you using some equipment that you haven’t used in a while?  Do some test transactions to be sure your receipt printer and card payment device are working as expected. 

Remember that Admin>Devices settings are only for the machine where you set them.  They are not global to your system. So be sure to check this for every lane in your store.      

10. Cashier Training

 Have some new or temporary cashiers working for rush?  Review (or force your cashiers to review) the Cashier Quick Training Manual.   

11. Order Processing

 While your cashiers are busy reading, you might as well get your order fulfilling staff up to speed as well. Review the Orders: Quick Guide

12. Accounts Receivable 

 Confirm that all applicable Lines of Credit have been activated.

 Confirm that all A/R agents have the proper dates and the proper Credit Limit amounts. 



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