Textbook Returns 401: Credit Memos

OK! If you're this far through the tutorial, then you've already successfully completed (or skipped) the Overview, Prep Work, and RRA tutorials. Nice job. 


If you don't want to read through all this, you can always click through all of it. Go here for a click-through tour, narrated by Mr. Sidney E. Walker. Sid for short. Click the lightning bolt at the bottom of his tour to see everything that will get Sid talking, and be sure to hover over his little face to see him do tricks.  

The last part of the process is the Credit Memo reconciliation. The supplier has received books back from you, and has sent you a credit memo, which you need to compare to the RRA you sent out to the supplier. This process will be highly familiar if you're used to invoicing. 

In fact, if we were all taking the SAT together, 

Invoicing:POs::Credit Memos:RRAs

Ready? Let's do it. 

Credit Memo SearchThis is the search page. Pretty standard. Use it to look up the RRA that you want to reconcile, by RRA number, Supplier, Return Date, or any other field or combination of fields. 

This is what your search results will look like if you haven't yet created a credit memo. You can see an RRA that's available, but no Credit Memo #, no lines, etc. 

Whether you're creating a new or editing an existing credit memo, click on the relevant search result to move forward. 

Credit Memo Reconciliation

This might look familiar as well: it's your good old RRA, in a new screen with new functionality. You'll notice that there's "No Credit Memo" active in this picture. 

The purpose of this page is to allow you to create a digital document of the paper copy credit memo that the supplier sent to your store, and then to reconcile the two together. 

Each RRA gets its own Credit Memo. Click Add Credit Memo to move forward. 

Let's go through this data field by field: 

Field / Button
Description / Use
Credit Memo Status Change to a status to Complete to lock down the document. This can be unlocked by changing the status.  
Adjustments Modal This is used to add line discounts / shipping / etc to the credit memo. Similar to the Invoice Adjustment Modal.  
Memo Total This is a user input field to capture the total printed on the Credit Memo.  
Credit Memo # This is a user input field to capture the Credit Memo printed on the paper copy.  
Memo Date This is auto-filled with the date that the user clicked the "Add Credit Memo" button. This is adjustable.  
Internal Doc. # This is not auto-generated at this time. Add any document number you like.   
Supplier Credit # This is a user input field to capture the supplier credit number printed on the paper copy.  
Notes Field This is used to capture internal notes regarding the Credit Memo.  
Memo Qty The Memo Quantity can be edited if needs be. Remember the purpose of this page is to digitally record the paper credit memo.  
Memo Price The Memo Price can be edited if needs be. Remember the purpose of this page is to digitally record the paper credit memo.  
Returned Qty / Price This is a representation of the Supplier Return by RRA shipment.  
Discount This is the discount set on the Credit Memo Adjustments Modal. If you don't add any discounts, then the Credit Memo page will ignore this field.   
Check Boxes These are used to attach the RRA lines to the Credit Memo. Click these to lock each line as it's completed.   



Once you're done, save the credit memo as Complete. The supplier will have your superfluous inventory, you'll have your relevant credit, and everyone will have enough paperwork to keep them happy. You win!

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