Textbook Returns 201: Prep Work


Welcome to part 2 of our Textbook Returns Tutorial! If you'd like to see an overview of the textbook return process, jump back to part 1. In this section, we'll talk through all the conditions that have to be met to give you a successful return. Think of it as a prequel. 

If you want to skip ahead, click these links for information on RRAs or Credit Memos

Setting Up Suppliers

First thing's first: you need someone to return to. Let's get a Supplier going. For this step, you'll need Admin access to Sidewalk Merchant. Jump into the Admin menu, then click on Suppliers.

The Suppliers menu will pop up. Click the  button to create a Supplier.

The Create Supplier menu will pop up.We're going to look at three of its five tabs.

This tab is pretty self-explanatory. Enter the relevant information for your supplier, and, if you like, edit the Financial Reporting Categories that this supplier's products apply to down there at the bottom. 

The Options tab. Products from this supplier are eligible for returns if: 

  1. The "Allow Returns" box is checked, and 
  2. The items fall within the "Invoice Return Days."

On the Return Ship tab, you'll input contact and shipping information for your returns. You'll see this information on your RRA when you complete it. 

Creating Orders

Next, you'll need to order some books. We've got a great quick guide explaining how to Create a Textbook Order. If you already have practice with textbook POs, then you know that they look something like this: 

Receive the Order

It's happened! Your books are here! You'll receive these items into Sidewalk Pro using Supplier Receive by PO from Merchant, so that they're tied to the PO you created in the last step (and so that you can invoice them in the next step). 

In the Receive menu, select Supplier Receive by PO, then Begin/Join. That cart will ask you for a PO number, and then track what you receive as you receive it.

If you're a Pro expert, you can jump into the Receive menu, select Supplier Receive by PO, then try Create New. This cart will create a purchase order against what you're receiving, and lets you skip a couple steps. 

Here's what Supplier Receive by PO looks like. (Your store won't have the red border around the screen, by the way. We use a test environment whenever we create training material): 

Invoice the Order

Either that, or get someone to invoice it for you. Here's what Invoicing looks like, back in Sidewalk Studio: 


Invoicing is important. Once an Invoice exists for a textbook, those Invoice Return Days that you set up when you created the Supplier start ticking. If an Invoice exists for a textbook and the book is within the Invoice Return Days, it will be eligible for Return.


If a textbook is within a supplier's return window, and has a paper trail to prove it, then you're ready to go! Move on to RRAs proper, or skip directly to Credit Memos.

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