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Why use Marketplace?


What makes Marketplace different from other sourcing tools?

Sidewalk Marketplace is unique in the world of alternative sourcing because it is the only Peer-To-Peer platform available today. We are supporters of connecting stores and embracing the basic principles of collaborative consumption.


Supplementing peer inventory with the most robust online inventory pass through in the industry, stores are able to source more books alternatively which in turn allows stores to save money that goes back to their store or students.


Who handles all of the logistics involved with Marketplace?

One of the biggest hassles associated with alternative sourcing is trying to account for all of the logistics it require to purchase these books. We pride ourselves in our logistics. When an order is placed through Marketplace, online inventory is sent to our warehouse in Northern Utah for consolidation and vetting. It is through this process that we are able to eliminate teacher editions, international editions, water damage, etc...anything that we know cannot go on the stores shelves will be caught and reordered.


If you have a question about your shipment our support team is simply right upstairs in the warehouse and can check in on that order for you at anytime. No third party handler. No individual shipments. No mountain of packing slips. One invoice. One payment. Awesome, right?


How do invoices work?

This is another area where Sidewalk Marketplace shines. Our invoices update real-time to reflect any changes or adjustments that may take place from the time you place your order, to the time the books arrive to your store. Any credits, refunds, or returns will appear real time on your invoice inside your Marketplace account. All you need to do is login and print it off.


Another unique attribute to our invoices is the fact that they also double as a master packing slip. Our invoice will show you where a specific ISBN can be found within your shipment. Each box is numbered and our system checks individual serialized ISBNs into that box so we always know where your books are located within your shipment. An updated invoice is included in every shipment.

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