Catalog Creation

Just like we learned elementary electronics as children by disassembling the microwave when our parents weren't home, you should know how to create yourself a catalog from scratch. Dive into these quick instructions for an adventure that might just lead to an electric skateboard with a Popcorn setting.

  1. Log in to Sidewalk Merchant.
  2. Click the Catalog menu, then click Catalog Perspective, next to the icon.
  3. Click the name of your location, on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. On the right side of the screen, click  to add a University.
  5. The Create University window will appear. Input a Name and Code (optional) and click OK.
  6. Click .
  7. Click  to create a Campus.
  8. The Create Campus window will appear. Input a Name and click OK.
  9. Click .
  10. Click to create a Division.
  11. The Create Division window will appear. Input a Name (required), School (recommended) and Fulfillment Location and Alternate Sourcing Method (optional) and click OK.
  12. Click .
  13. Click  to create a Term.
  14. The Create Term window will appear. Though only Name is required, you may choose to enter other fields:
    1. Start/End Date: The official start and end dates for the Term.
    2. Return Deadline: Check this box to set a term-specific return deadline. The return deadline is set in Options > General otherwise.
    3. Market Share Percent: Fill out this field to set a term-specific market share percentage.
    4. List Price Date: Check this box to set when the list price will cease to be updated by the changing market.
    5. Full Sourcing: Check this box if your institution provides all of the required textbooks to students enrolled in this term.
    6. Buying Dates: Set when you want to activate all quotas on listings within the term and make the term visible within Textbook Management for sourcing.
    7. Selling Dates: Set when you would like sales affect the quota. For example, if 5 of the 10 textbooks in the quota are in stock and one is sold, the quota will change to 4 of 9. If the feature is not set, the system shows 4 out of 10.
    8. Web Selling Dates: Set when you would like to make the term visible to customers in the Portal.
    9. Open for Adoptions Dates: Set when you want to allow professors to actively add listings through Verba.
    10. Open for Inquiry Dates: In accordance with some HEOA stipulations, set when your online customers will be able to see accurate price information for adopted titles, even if you don’t have some of those titles in inventory.
  15. Click .
  16. Click  to create a Department.
  17. The Create Department window will appear. Input Code (required) and Name (optional).
  18. Click .
  19. Click  to create a Course.
  20. The Create Course window will appear. Input Code (required), Name (optional) and Credit Hours and Course Level (recommended).
  21. Click .
  22. Click  to create a Section.
  23. The Create Section window will appear. Input Code (required) and any other optional field you desire. You may also choose to search for an Instructor by clicking the button.
  24. Click .
  25. Click  to create a Listing.
  26. The Create Listing window will appear. Use any combination of the search fields to select a title through Search (searching your store’s network of titles) or Global Search (searching the Global Title Database using the EAN/ISBN field), or by Create New (creating a new custom title).
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