Wholesaler Shipping

  1. Log in to Sidewalk Merchant.
  2. Click the Ship menu, then click Wholesaler Ship, next to the  icon
  3. The Begin Wholesaler Ship window will open. Select the destination for the wholesaler ship

from the list of available wholesalers, then click .


  1. In the next window, select which wholesaler guide you would like Sidewalk Pro to use. Select the

relevant guide list of available guides, then click .

  1. The Wholesaler Ship cart will open. Scan or key in the serial IDs, EANs or ISBNs that you would like to ship to the wholesaler.
  2. If you are shipping non-serialized inventory, the Wholesale Ship window will appear. Enter the quantity of the inventory and click OK.
  3. When you have added all the relevant inventory to the Wholesale Ship cart, click the Done button.
  4. The Complete Wholesaler Ship window will appear. Enter commission rate and shipping information for the transaction and click OK.
  5. The cart will complete.
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