Creating Product Variants

  1. To create a single variant product, check , then click . A single SKU will be generated.
  1. To create a multiple variant product:
    1. Click . This field is a suggestive field, and will suggest a result after you type a minimum of 3 characters. If your desired Attribute group does not exist, you may click the  button to create it.
    2. Click the  beside an Attribute Group to create or select attributes. To create an attribute, click  and type in your desired attribute. Click  to add the attribute to the Attribute Group. To select a pre-existing attribute, click it. A  confirms that the attribute has been selected.
    3. Select as many attributes in as many Attribute Groups as are relevant to your product. If you make a mistake, click the button.
    4. Click . A SKU will generate for each individual product variant.

Editing Product Variants

  1. Check the  box for any applicable variants you wish to edit, then click .
  2. The Edit Variant screen will appear. Edit any relevant fields.
  3. Note: The SKU and UPC fields must be edited one variant at a time.  
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