Item Recounts

Maybe you found 150 sweaters in a back office. Maybe a pipe burst above your entire stock of laptops. Either way, you're about to become good friends with the Item Recount function. Read this quick guide to get started. ...


Item Recount


  1. Log in to Sidewalk Merchant.


  1. Click on the menu, then select Item Recount, next to the  


  1. Input the SKU, UPC, EAN or ISBN of the non-serialized product you wish to recount.


  1. The Select Locator window will appear. Select the locator you wish to recount and click .


  1. The Item Recount window will appear.
    1. Enter a “New Qty” to replace the old quantity, e.g. 23 instead of 25, or
    2. Enter an “Adjustment Qty” as a positive or negative adjustment, e.g. -5 for “five less than the current shelf quantity,” or 13 for “13 more than the current shelf quantity.”


  1. Select a Reason for the Item Recount from the drop down list.


  1. (Optional) Add an explanatory note.


  1. Click OK to complete the Item Recount.
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    Erik Johnson

    I might have to create KB articles here, rather than on Word, etc.--note what happened when I copy/pasted. Same functionality as Helpdesk, then, with the voting and social media added. And of course updated aesthetic.

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