Supplier Return Without RRA

When it’s time to return items to suppliers, but you don’t have a Request for Return Authorization, or just don’t want to put an RRA into Sidewalk Pro, then this is the cart for you. It’s a simple process that lets you take serialized items out of your inventory and send them back.  

This document should answer most of your questions, but as always, if you get stuck please give us a call.

  1. First, make sure that Supplier Return Without RRA is enabled in Sidewalk Pro. Head to Options, then Shipping. Click the "Return Without RMA" tab and make sure that the box there is checked. That box essentially tells the software not to worry about where the item came from, and to trust that you are returning it to the right place. Without that box checked, you would need to complete a Supplier Return by RRA, which would make you confirm that you are sending, for example, all of Follett’s books back to Follett.
  2. Next, head over to the Ship menu, and click--you guessed it--Supplier Return Without RRA.
  3. Double-click the appropriate wholesaler or supplier. This will open up the Supplier Return Without RRA cart.
  4. Now the fun part (if you like scanners). Scan the titles or GM you'd like to return into the cart. Click Done.
  5. Fill out the shipping information and click OK.
  6. Finally, you might like to print out your report (essentially, your shipping manifest). Click on the Search menu, then transaction search, and find your transaction one of two ways:
    1. Copy the Transaction number for the Supplier Return Without RRA you just completed and paste it into the search bar.
    2. Search for all Supplier Returns Without RRA for today. First, set the date range to today.

Second, under “Types,” click on the little box beside Ship. Scroll down to Supplier Return Without RRA, right-click it, and select “Check only Supplier Return Without RRA.” This will filter out all the other transactions.

  1. Select your transaction and click the Info button. This will pull up all the serial IDs you just sent out of inventory. Click one of the serial IDs, then hit CTRL+A, which will select all of them. Right click on all those highlighted lines, click Copy, then Click All.
  2. Now open up a spreadsheet. In that blank spreadsheet, paste in your data (you can press CTRL+V, or right-click and hit the “Paste” clipboard, or press the Paste button from the ribbon at the top of the screen).
  3. You have a report that’s almost printable. Hit CTRL+A again, then double-click the vertical barrier between any two of the columns up at the top of the page (see image below). You will see your mouse icon change when you are hovering over the right place. This will expand the columns so you can see all your information.

  4. You are now ready to print!

What you've just done is told the software that the serial ID(s) or ISBN(s) are no longer in your inventory, but headed back to whichever supplier you picked. You're now free to stuff them in boxes, include that report and whatever documentation the supplier requested, and attach a shipping label to the outside.

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