Creating a General Merchandise Product

  1. Log in to Sidewalk Studio using the appropriate URL. Your login information will be the same that you use to log in to Sidewalk Merchant.
  1. Select the location in which you’d like to create a General Merchandise Product.
  2. Click on the Merchandise link.
  3. Click
  4. Fill in any applicable fields to create a product. The minimum fields required for a product to be created are Product Name and Financial Reporting Category.
  • Visible/Hidden: This slider determines whether your product will appear online.
  • Product Name: This name, followed by variants, will appear on labels. It will appear online, if applicable, next to the variants.
  • Description: This text field will appear with the product name online. It is customerfacing.
  • Internal Notes: This text field will not appear online. It is internally facing.
  • Add Product Image: You can add as many as 4 images of a product.
  • Image specifications: 500 kb max file size. The image will be displayed as 600x600 pixels, and will shrink any image quality to those dimensions, as long as the file size is not larger than 500 kb.
  • Print Tags: Check this box to have product labels print automatically when the product is received.
  • Manage Serially: Check this box to create a serial ID for each unit of the product received.
  • Financial Reporting Category: This field allows you to place this product in a larger category (Department, Class or Subclass) for accounting purposes. You must select one.
  1. (Optional) Select a Supplier.
    • The Name field is a suggestive text field, and will suggest a result after you type a minimum of 3 characters.
    • You may select multiple Suppliers for a product. You may also check one of them as a Primary Supplier.   
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