Heartland Error Definitions


Heartland Error Definitions
This list contains some of the common errors returning from financial institutions and interpreted by Heartland. In turn these messages show up in PRO software when attempting to complete a transaction. You may find this helpful to troubleshoot with a customer transaction when the transaction results in an error.
Card No Error
● Card Number Error
● Normal decline message from the card issuing bank
● Nothing to do with a bad swipe
● Occurs on keyed and swiped cards
Invalid Service Code
● Normal decline message from the card issuing bank
● Triggered by a security flag from the bank
● AVS, Address Verification System, does not match
Cardholder Verification Rejected. AVNotRequested
● Address Verification System
● Occurs when the billing address doesn’t match the one on the account

Cardholder Verification Rejected. CVNoData or CVV2 error
● CCV, Creditcard Verification Value, does not match
● 3 digit on the back or 4 digit on front does not match

Security Violation
● Cardholder needs to call their bank to correct this problem
Requested Refund Exceeds Available Refund Amount
● Refund amount cannot exceed the original amount of the transaction
Do Not Honor
● Normal decline message from card issuing bank
Insufficient Funds
● Not enough available funds in card holders account

System Error Invalid Trans CID Error
● Bad swipe
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    Beth Christian

    SOAP error = roll back Java

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