"Client is Outdated" Error: Clearing the Java Cache

Problem: The user receives the following error message: Client is outdated. Exit all windows and relaunch the client. However, re-downloading the client does not cause the error message to go away.

Fix: This is a simple one—don’t worry! Just follow the instructions below.


The initial steps of this solution will look different depending on what version of Windows your computer operates on.

  1. In Windows 7 or earlier, click the Start Menu in the bottom left of your desktop and note the search bar. In Windows 8 or later, move your mouse to the right hand side of the desktop screen and note that a Search option appears. Click Search.
  2. In the Search bar, type “Configure Java.” You should only see one result.
  3. Click that one result to load the Java Control Panel.

  4. This will load the Java Control Panel. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings.

  5. The Temporary Files Settings window will appear. We need to clear the Java cache, so click Delete Files.



  1. The Delete Files and Applications window will appear. The top two boxes will be checked automatically; check the third one as well (“Installed Applications and Applets”). Click OK.

  2. Once you have clicked OK, the Java will start deleting its cache. This could take some time (1-2 minutes); when the cache is empty, the Delete Files and Applications window will disappear.
  3. Click OK on Temporary Files Settings.
  4. Click OK on Java Control Panel.
  5. Close all open browsers.
  6. Open a new browser window. Point your browser to your store’s Sidewalk Pro URL.
  7. Redownload the client, enter your information, and you should be good to go!

Since this problem exists on the local device, you will need to go through these steps for each computer that is giving you this error message.

If you have any questions, please call Sidewalk Support at 800.699.4558 (option 2), or send an email to support@sidewalkpro.com to submit a support ticket. We love working with you.

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