User Account Permissions

Below are a list of permissions that are associated with User Accounts in Sidewalk Pro.

Admin Only:

· Manage Gift Cards
· Title Management
· Payment Accounts
· Chart of Accounts
· Changing Assigned Hot Keys

Admin and Manager Only:
· Endicia management functions on the Ship menu
· Item Recount, Export and Import on the inventory Menu
· Create a Title function on the Catalog menu, and the entire Options menu

· Search Features
· Customer Menu
· Gift Cards (Get Balance, Add Money, Merge Gift Cards)
· Receive Menu
· Order Menu
· Reports Menu
· Open/Close Register

Transactions that require a Manager/Admin Approval:
· Override Price in a Retail Cart
· Manually Apply Price Discount to a Retail Cart
· Advanced Customer Edit (Name, Email, Drivers License, Agent Type/Group}
· Refunds After Deadline
· Rental Returns After Deadline
· Close Physical Inventory

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