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About a year ago, we wrote up a great little article about the Transparency Score you can see on your Vendor page in Hero. About a month ago, we added a great little table on the Vendors page to show you your affiliate commissions. So this article is about that. 

The Skinny

If you're just joining us, here's the skinny: every time a student adds items from Hero to a cart and checks out with your store online, you get the money. That's easy. But sometimes students will add items from affiliate marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.) to their cart, usually because the item has a better price than your store offers. 

Back in the Dark Ages of eCommerce, this was a problem--it meant you'd lost a sale. With Hero, it's not a problem at all. You can use Price Insights to track how your store stacks up against the national textbook market, for one, and affiliate marketplaces will pay you a commission for any customers you send them, for another. That means that instead of glaring at the back of a student's head while she wanders your shelves with her phone out, buying books on Amazon that are literally six inches from her face, you can now rejoice: if your student uses Hero to comparison shop (and trust us, nearly every student is comparison shopping), you capture the commission off anything she buys at that marketplace. If she went to Amazon for a textbook and ended up buying a jet ski, you get a commission from the entire sale. 

So Lesson One: turn on those VendorsYou get zero commissions for vendors that are disabled. And Lesson Two is similar: send students to Hero. You get zero commissions for sales that don't pass through Hero. 

The Green

Let's assume that sales are cascading into your Stats page. Back behind the curtain, your commissions flow to you this way: each affiliate marketplace pays Sidewalk for all clickthrough commissions for a given month. Sidewalk tracks what portion of the commissions are from your store, and gets you a commission check quarterly. 

It used to be that only our accountants could see this information, and only then if they were wearing their official green visors and sleeve garters. But Sidewalk's watchword is "Transparency," so we're bringing this information to you, and we've put it on your Vendors page. Want to see? 

The Data

To get to your Vendors page, click the Hero Menu in the top right hand corner of your screen and click Vendors. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a spreadsheet like this, and if you've been with Hero for at least one fiscal quarter, you'll see it filled in. Click on this picture to see it zoom a bit: 


•On the left, you can see all the possible affiliate marketplaces that you could have sent customers to. 

•In the black text, you can see the total Sales you sent to each marketplace, each quarter. 

•In the blue text, you can see your Commissions from those sales.

•If you've been with Hero for ages, you can scroll the table left and right. 

•At the bottom, you can see your total sales and commissions for each quarter. 

•And finally, in the top right you'll see a link to download the report, if you like. From there, you can slice and dice the data any way you choose. 

Neat, right? This is all part of Sidewalk's commitment to do to things. We want to remove barriers between your store and raw, excellent data, so you can see what we're thinking and (maybe of greater importance) you can communicate your store's value to anyone who needs to see it. 

Because you see that black number there? It was going to happen either way. Students comparison shop. And that blue number? If you hadn't chosen to implement Hero, that number would be exactly $0


If you have questions about anything in the world, but particularly about all things Sidewalk, grab your nearest Customer Success Manager, email all of us at, or try our Hero User Guide on for size. We'll get you taken care of. 

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