Hero Release Notes 5.11.17




This spring has been all about Communication, seems like. How and when Hero emails, who we should talk to about what adoptions, and whether anyone liked our Facebook photo album of Slices of Cake I have Eaten. 

New Feature: Today for our Admin users we're mushing everything into one place. When you head to the Email Configuration page, you'll see a variety of options that let you stay on top of just the right amount of the right sort of information. Any changes you make here take affect instantly. Click away--and stayed tuned; we'll be adding more settings here throughout the next few releases!



New Feature: We want Hero to feel like home, so we've created the first version of a profile page for you. If you're a faculty member, you can opt in or out of course material update emails here, and everyone can change their password. But just like our Email Configuration page, you'll see gobs of new bells and whistles here as we move into Summer.

Little Thing: This is small but you might appreciate it: if you ever click Email Faculty, you'll see an alphabetized list (sorted by last name), so you can check or un-check who you need to when you're about to send out an email blast. 

Adoption Options

ImprovementOne day we woke up and said, "Wait. What if we just put everything we could in plain English?" It was an epiphany that's currently behind the newly re-styled Control Dates page. Instead of making you remember what each date means, we've just written everything right out as plainly as possible. Grab a term and get going. 



•We've improved Title Research a bit: if you've acknowledged any deletions for an item and it's no longer adopted in any sections, it's not useful for you in Title Research. You don't need to tell your POS anything. So it will disappear from there, but it will always show up in the Deleted Items Report.


That's it! If you need anything further -- a sympathetic ear, a cake-loving stomach -- then reach out to your nearest Customer Success Manager or email support@gosidewalk.com. We'll get you taken care of. 

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