Hero Release Notes 4.27.17


Product Love

•The main menu is now alphabetized! Since Hero seems to add industry-revolutionizing features every other release, this will help you notice the new items without losing sight of any of the good stuff you're used to.


•We've added the Term Name to the Course Catalog page! Just in case your institution has a bushel of terms and you tend to forget where you're adopting, Hero has a crib sheet. And if it's a longish term name, don't worry. Screen_Shot_2017-04-27_at_10.02.43_PM.png

•We've updated Hero's style a bit, making big buttons smaller, replacing the thumbs-up icon with a fancy check-mark (like the picture above), and adjusting the Cost Wizard to include (and explain!) an Open Educational Resources (OER) option.


•And finally, we don't recommend you do this, but if you want to Create a Custom Item in Hero's Adoption Editor and for some eldritch reason you need the product URL to be thousands of characters long, Hero can handle it. 


Reports and Data Sorts

•The Coordinators' Department Summary Report now only shows active courses in a term, which means that Hero won't talk to you about courses that don't exist. Which is a nice feature. 

•The Coordinators' View Department Summary Report now respects the term you've selected on the page.  

•Your Vendors page already shows you your affiliate commission history. Which is fantastic, but until today it didn't include outdated Vendors. Now it does! You'll get more data with less hassle. Neat, right?


Adoption Options

•Thanks to our partnership with RedShelf, Hero provides your faculty with the means to offer digital textbooks at a blissfully reduced price. And that's newsworthy. So now, as soon as Hero knows whether a digital negotiation was successful (or not), it will email the professor. 

•We keep improving Title Research! Last release, we organized the ISBNs in Title Research chronologically, so that the ISBN with the most recent changes was right at the top of your list (allowing you to adjust your POS or textbook sourcing as efficiently as possible). This release, we've organized the section list for each item chronologically as well. That way, if you want to know what ISBN was most recently adjusted in what section, it's easy to check. 

•Speaking of Title Research, if it's ever bugged you that the Departments dropdown in the upper right hand wasn't alphabetized, then you speak our language. It was bugging us too. Now it doesn't have to. 




Having a great day? Having a rough week? Grab your nearest Customer Success Manager, or shoot an email over to support@gosidewalk.com, and we'll get you taken care of. 

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