Hero Release Notes 4.13.17


Product Love 

•Hero lives in your browser (and in your heart!) and it can shrink and expand depending on how big your screen is. We realized that the mobile version of Hero was missing some menu options, so we restored those. Outside of proxying, you should be able to do anything on your phone that you can do anywhere else.


Reports and Data Sorts

•In trying to calculate savings via digital negotiation, we used to look only at list price. But sometimes it wasn't available leaving us nothing to calculate savings from. Now if Hero can't find a list price for a book that's been digitally negotiated, it will look to the average market value of the textbook. That way, Hero knows what your students would have spent in the open market, and can compare that with what they'll spend on a digitally negotiated item. And show you the savings on your Stats page. (Note: just in time for Fall adoption season, this change applies to all digital negotiations from here on and will not work retroactively.) 



•If your New Year's resolution was to be more insightful, then you already love Hero's Price Insights page. When you next download the Insights, you'll find it much better formatted for your spreadsheet software of choice. 

Adoption Options

•If you're a Coordinator and like to physically print Request Forms, Hero can do that. And now, after a brief time when it didn't do anything, selecting an Instructor and clicking the print button actually prints something! It's astounding! (Psst: If you want to see all the ways you can communicate with faculty right from the Course Status page, click here.) 


Last release, we upgraded your Vendors page with your quarterly Sales and Commissions history. This release, we're already improving it. 

•Your commissions now appear in slightly larger blue text. Apparently this color is more legible than Tangerine Fancy Death, which was our first guess. 

•You can download your Sales and Commissions report, just like you can in Price Insights

•If you've been with Hero for enough quarters, or your screen is small, the Sales and Commissions report might look like it's getting cut off. Did you know that you can scroll around the report? We didn't. But it's true. 



Fun little release, isn't it? If you want to talk turkey Hero, grab your nearest Customer Success Manager. If you want to talk with anyone else, about anything else, send an email to support@gosidewalk.com. We'll get you taken care of. 

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