Hero Release Notes 3.31.17


Product Love:

Product Love is back again! These are the little things that push Hero from fun to fantastic. It's always a great section of our development cycle. 

•Here's a classic example of Product Love: it was hard to tell that Store Backlog was a link. So using a strategy that's been around since the 18th Century, we underlined it. Now you can tell, and possibly click it. Huzzah!


•We've added bookstore pricing to Hero's printed booklists! This is great for a lot of reasons, but if you're used to hand-writing pricing onto lists for financial aid students, you'll be overjoyed. Now a financial aid student will know exactly how much their books will cost them at the bookstore, in one easy document. 


Change your password! If you're not an SSO (Single Sign On) user and you like to update your Hero password weekly, then you're a little unorthodox but definitely still a friend. Click your email in the upper right hand corner of Hero when you're logged in to change your password. 

Forget your password! If you change your password so often that you've forgotten it completely, that's fine. We've added a "Forgot your password?" link to Hero, and we'll send you a handy email if you need to reset it.

•This one is dear, dear, oh-so-dear to our hearts. We've vastly improved the search result relevance in User Search. Before, searching for something simple like an email address would bring up the correct user buried deep within a morass of other users. Now, the right user's right at the top every time. And, for extra credit, this means that your Proxy Searches will be extra relevant as well. 


•If you're proxying as a user, it's likely a temporary thing. Maybe you're a Coordinator and you need to adopt something for your faculty member, or you're a bookstore employee and need to see briefly what the Coordinator sees to teach them something about Hero. So we've simplified the flow a bit. Whenever you're done proxying, just click End Proxy. You'll instantly be back in your own instance of Hero, ready to tackle whatever's next. 

•We've just created the ability for you to add Coordinators to Invitation to Adopt emails within Hero. You can select them one-by-one, or if you're feeling wrathful, select everyone before you hit Send. 

Adoption Options:

•This one's a bit math-heavy, and caused one of our developers to say the phrase "variance-based algorithm" more than any human ever. The short version: sometimes sellers on Amazon list textbooks for cartoonishly large or small amounts. Hero shouldn't take those sorts of prices seriously. It had one way to ignore them; we just taught it a much better way. This means that the price increase awareness messages that your faculty see will be right on the money. 

Historical Searches in the Adoption Editor now include the option for Digital Negotiation. If an item in your search results is open for Digital Negotiation, Hero now prompts you just like it does when you search for new items.


Title Research now sorts in chronological order! The title that's adopted to the most recently changed section will rise to the top. This lets you work your way down the list in an orderly fashion. 

Reports and Data Sorts

•We now default Price Insights to your primary term. You can select your primary term using Control Dates. If your primary term is also active (meaning, you're currently within the term's start and end dates) then it will load automatically when you pull up Price Insights. It's a little thing, but it should save you some time. 

New FeatureEvery quarter, you use Hero to send bushels of students to your bookstore and to affiliate partners like Amazon. You control all this from your Vendors page, and you get a commission from anything the students end up purchasing. With today's release, you'll be able to see your actual clickthrough and your commission from those earnings, right on the Vendors page. It looks like this (just click the picture if you want to zoom in), and it's gorgeous. Give us a titch to input your historical data here, and you'll be off and running. 


Winners don't do Bugs:

•If a school turned off all its Vendors (we definitely don't recommend this, but it happens), then they would see some odd things. Price Insights would take an extremely long time (or literally forever) to load, and bookstore pricing might show up a couple of times, willy-nilly. We've taken care of both situations!

•Some of our users access Hero through browser versions that are upwards of three years old. That's partly nostalgia for 2014, and mostly because of institutional policy. We've given Hero a history lesson, and now it should work just great. 

•Speaking of browsers: Hero's shopping cart opens in a new tab for your convenience and pleasure, but some browsers' popup blockers were blocking it. We've fixed that. 

Nebraskan Action:

•Starting today, Hero can officially consume student enrollment data direct from Nebraska Book Company's lovely POS. Once everything's plugged in correctly, your students will automatically see exactly what classes they're enrolled in. No searching, no clicking; they can just grab their course materials and move on. 


Isn't Hero great? If you want to talk about it, grab your nearest Customer Success Manager or reach our Support team at support@gosidewalk.com.

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