Hero Release Notes 3.16.17



Product Love

We love our product, but that's not what this section's about. Product Love improvements are for the little things that you might not consciously know you needed. Once we release them, Hero flows more smoothly for you. If you wake up tomorrow with a vague sense of calm and contentment, we'll know it worked. Enjoy!

We added Course and Instructor names to the printed booklist! This makes it way easier for your staff and students to find materials. 



We've turned the Store Backlog back into a link. It will take you straight to the Title Research page. 



If you enjoy entering Custom Titles (and who doesn't?), you now have more reasons for happiness. We've added Publisher and Edition fields to that menu. 

We added a Last Successful Import stat to your Terms page. That means if what you see in Hero doesn't look like what you see in your POS, you don't have to wonder if maybe everything just hasn't synced yet. Head to Terms and see what's what. 

You might have noticed that View Course Summary wasn't accurately updating as adoptions were being completed. It's just a little colorful bar, but it matters. We fixed it. 


Adoption Options

Welcome back, Title Edits! If you need to adjust ISBN, Title, Author, Publisher, Edition, or Cover Image for a given adoption, you can do that right within Hero's Adoption Editor. Note: if you want to edit what we'd call a canonical book--a non-custom textbook with details that everyone from Amazon to the Library of Congress agrees on--you can. You have the power. Hero will just create a school-specific version of that ISBN for you.



Some clients had a hard time removing Supplemental Materials. Now it should be as easy as pi. That's at least 3.14 times easier.

If you're a fan of the Change History for a section, you'll now note that it accurately shows when adoptions have been removed from a given section. 

We updated the Cost Wizard! Now if you filter it to Free you'll only see results that are truly free. These are usually OER, too. You should check it out.


Title Research

Last release we introduced the shiny new Title Research page. This release we have a bushel of improvements to it, to wit: 

We added an ISBN Search to the top of the page! Enter an ISBN, hit enter, and Hero will pull the title for you from anywhere on the page. 

We added a Section Counter to any adoption you look at. You can tell at a glance for how many sections a given textbook is adopted. 

We added a Section Display Setting so you can show all of your sections all of the time. One's fuller; one's tidier. Your choice.

Title Research will now default to your primary term. That might seem like a little thing, but any time we can save you from clicking a drop down list and selecting a term, we get a candy bar. Company rules. You can select your default term by setting your Control Dates

We removed the section list popup. The list of sections where a given book is adopted now show in the main card, not in a popup. We don't get candy for doing that, but we think we should. 

We added in RequiredRecommended and Optional to the Title Research Display. You'll love them. 

We'll now highlight departments with new arrivals in the department drop down. This way, you can see at a glance where you should spend your time. It looks like this: 




And finally, we made you a Demo! It's narrated by Sidewalk Founder Alan Martin, and it's exactly like sitting on Santa's lap at the mall, if Santa was deeply passionate about textbook sourcing. And also shaved. Here you go!


Price Insights

Last release we also introduced you to the world of Price Insights in Hero (Two big things in one release! We know!). So of course this time out we had a few improvements: 

You can sort the columns! We no longer default anything; if you want to start by adoptions with the greatest price difference, click Difference. If you want to start by the highest Retail prices, do that. 

You can export the insights! If you want to really slice and dice your price insights, just download the report. Open that in Excel or your data analytics platform du jour, and you're off to the races. 

If it took forever and a day to load Price Insights last week, it won't anymore! We like our insights speedy!


Way to go, SSO!

Two huge things happened this week that we've been working on for a long time. They're really cool. Ready? 

Hero now supports Single Log Out (SLO). Once an SSO user logs out of Hero, they're really logged out. No persisting sessions or anything. 

Hero now supports Multi-Campus SSO. That means that if your institution has multiple campuses, your faculty, student, coordinator and bookstore users now get to experience Hero just as easily as anyone else. Users can select which campus they'd like to look at and jump between campuses at will. It's fantastic. Talk to us if you or someone you know has multiple campuses, and we'll get them signed up. 


You've got Mail!

If Hero's sending you more email than your social media accounts, if for some reason you don't find that to be a pleasurable experience, and if you're a Coordinator, you can now Opt Out of emails.



We've changed the way that Hero sends you emails. Automated emails from Hero now come from noreply@hero.sidewalkpro.com, and in a blurb at the bottom they encourage the recipient to reach out to Bookstore Staff if they have any questions. Hero will use whatever email you've put in your Contact Email page (if you want to see or change that email, just reach out to Support). 


Nebraskan Action:

In Nebraska's POS, bookstore employees can mark adoptions for a specific section as Rent Only or New Only. Now in Hero, if you're a Campus Admin, you'll see two checkboxes in the Adoption Editor that let you do the same thing. Some bookstore staff will love this, and some won't ever use it, but it's neat either way: if something about how you source inventory means you'd like to limit the options available per section, now it's as easy as a button click. 




Great release, isn't it? If you'd like to talk about this or anything else, find your closest Customer Success Manager or reach out to us over email at support@gosidewalk.com. We'll get you taken care of. 

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