Hero Release Notes 2.27.17



Averaging Prices 

If it hasn't happened yet, one evening you'll be at a party and someone will ask you how Hero calculates the Price students will pay on average that you see throughout the product. Those are pretty swanky parties, so we better get you an answer. It's Amazon. For a given textbook, Hero jumps over to Amazon, ignores the lowest price available (sometimes those prices are something like "$.01," which usually aren't useful to you) and averages the next few offers on the market. 


Before today, the variety of Vendors you had enabled would affect how Hero calculated this average price. We thought it was more accurate to use the same source for every store. 

Note: the Cost Wizard works a bit differently than the average price calculation. When you adjust the Cost Wizard, Hero filters pricing results for you directly, rather than averaging them first. 

Sound good? Great. Go enjoy another canapé. 


Best Picture

Forget Moonlight. The real Oscar winners this year (in our opinion) are a brace of training videos that we just uploaded to Hero. If you feel confused whenever you open the Adoption Editor or the Course Catalog, you'll see a little button inviting you to view a quick tutorial. 



Click that button to be whisked away to the melodious voice of one of our Customer Success Managers, walking you through the page.



If you like this sort of thing, we have recorded orientation webinars here in our Help Center for each of Hero's three basic user roles: 

And if you'd rather read your way to Hero mastery, we have that option as well: 

Watch and read through all of these, and you'll know at least as much as we do about Hero. Maybe more. 


Title Research

This one's important enough that we're giving its own article, over here. Click there to get a complete tour, with pictures and multi-colored text and everything. But in brief, here's what we did: 

You might remember the old Adoptions page. Title Research replaces it. You can still do in Title Research exactly what you did in Adoptions, along with bushels of other things. Title Research is where, whether Hero's integrated to your POS or not, you can confirm adoptions as they pass from the faculty to the bookstore, create a series of notes to document your ability to source the title, set yourself a checklist, or a myriad of other uses. Title Research is here to welcome you into the world of Course Materials Management, in a way that's smooth, simple, and quick. We think you'll dig it. 



Price Insights

What sets your store apart from your competition in the long run, besides an innovative culture, engaging service, and a wonderful relationship with a vendor who loves you to pieces, is the precision of your data. Pricing analytics are a great way to start. With Hero, you have the ability to compare your store's pricing with pricing in the market, and adjust it down -- or up! -- as necessary. 

It's all in a simple page we're calling Price Insights. Click your menu button within Hero to get there, then select a term. You'll be greeted with a simple dashboard a lot like our Stats page: 



Up top here, you can see at a glance how your store's retail pricing compares to the market. Green is good, but not too much green. At a certain point, you're selling your books too cheaply. At the same time, if your pricing dips well into the red, nobody will buy from you. 

Which, you might say, is all well and good. But unless you can see how each individual ISBN stacks up against the market's average pricing, this page is just a bunch of pretty colors so far. 

You're right! Scroll down: 


The rest of the page is a straight comparison. It's your ISBNs, your store's New and Used Pricing, the Average Market Price, and, for your convenience, the Difference, if any. 

By default, we've sorted the Price Insights list with the worst offenders on top. Any book with a $200 difference is one you want to look at. But if you want to slice the data further, you're welcome to! Drag and copy as much data as you need, and paste it right into a spreadsheet. 

Fun, right? And speaking of price insights, features like this don't cost you a dime extra. We're just happy to be able to help. Let us know how Price Insights is working for you, and stay tuned for many happy improvements to come. 


If you're jazzed and need to tell someone (or you have a question that the world needs to hear), reach out to your closest Customer Success Manager, or send an email to support@gosidewalk.com. We'll get you taken care of. 

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