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The Title Research page is here to help you source course materials and reconcile Hero with your point of sale. If Hero isn't integrated with your POS, then you'll use Title Research as you work to get your two systems in sync with each other. But even if you're working with a fully integrated setup, Title Research can be just as useful to you. 

At its heart, Title Research is here to give you the exact information you need as a Course Materials Manager. Use it as a simple, intuitive checklist: manage the flow of adoptions in real time, research titles as they cross your digital desk, note anything you want to remember later, and confirm that Hero and your POS are on the same page. 

Title Research is not linked to anything outside of Hero. So work you do in here is just for you. Approve or Hold adoptions, and if you change your mind, undo it later. If you're passionate about putting the right textbooks on the shelf so your store's fully prepared for the first day of Rush, then this is your page. 



If you're passionate about watching passionate people give you a tour of things, then this is your video. Sidewalk Founder Alan Martin took a few moments this week to film a tour of Title Research, complete with a little director commentary. Enjoy!

Title Research Walk Through from Sidewalk on Vimeo.


You know the "why"; let's walk through the "how" together now. To get to the Title Research page, click the Hero menu button in the upper right of your screen and click Title Research

If you're familiar with older iterations of this page, then this first part will continue to be familiar. Select a Term, and then select a Department within that term. If you're antsy and know exactly what you want, you can always search directly by ISBN, of course.  


If you want to look at the entire term at once, don't select a department. Just select a term, and by default, Hero will show you all adoptions for all departments within that term. This is a neat, because it means that the page works just as well whether your role is to manage all items (a classic Course Materials Manager) or if you just need to manage items for a department or two. Any adoption that has been Finalized by a faculty user will show up here in Title Research.  

You'll also note a couple of filters at the top of the page. By default you'll be looking at Show All, and you can click your way through the rest.



New Arrivals

Adoptions show up in this page in a series of cards, one adoption per card. Let's walk through one of those: 


A lot of this probably doesn't need explanation. On the left, you can see the book's cover image (if available), the ISBN, title, edition, and author. On the right, there are a few actions we'll talk through in a minute, and two images at the bottom: an icon that lets you know that, in this case, the book is a new arrival and a number (in this case, "1") telling you in how many sections this book has been adopted. 

Click that section number to get a bit more detail (and click Show All in the top bar to expand this section by default): 


Click the section link to head straight to the specific section, or click the faculty member's name to email that specific faculty member. Or -- and this is what you might do initially -- just bask in the context. You can see if an item is Required (or Recommended or Optional), and over there on the far right, you can click a chat icon to see Student or Bookstore comments.


The idea is to give you enough context at a glance so that you can source accurately. If the item you're looking at is a problem item, you can see exactly where else it's adopted in Hero, and decide what you want to do about it. 

Note: there's a POS Submission Complete? section of the card as well. If you click Yes to all of those questions right away, the item will head over to Needs Approval, where you can decide whether you're ready to source it or you need to do some further research. We'll talk about this a bit more near the end.


If you Approve an item, it looks like this. If you click it by accident, just hit the red X to go back: 


If you need to place an item On Hold, it looks like this. If you click it by accident, just hit the red X to go back: 


In either case, you might want to explain what you're doing and why. That's where you can Add Notes


Type something into the blank text box and click Add Note to add it to the item. As you can see from this screenshot, every note is timestamped quite nicely. Click Close to return to the item's card. 

If you want to browse through items by notes, there's also the Notes section of the Title Research page. Just click that section in the top right. 




The next filter is a new one for Hero users. Previously, whenever you deleted an adoption from the Title Research page, it just disappeared, living only in the Deleted Items Report on our Stats page. 

Now, any deletions that require you to take action will live in the Deletions section of Title Research. 

Adoption cards in the Deletions section look a lot like the New Arrivals, with the addition of one little note: 


Click the purple section number box to see what that note means. Here's the popup: 


Again, the Title Research page is just for you and your workflow. When your point of sale system and Hero look exactly like you want them to (in this case, when the adoption has been deleted from CHEM 1122 101 in the POS), click Acknowledge Deletion to remove the item from your workflow. Add a Note first, if you like. 

If you've acknowledged the deletion and you're still curious about something, check the Deleted Items Report


Needs Approval / Approved / On Hold / Notes


Click your way through these at your leisure. They're filters. They'll let you look at specific subsets of items for the department you've selected, where you can adjust them, email instructors, or confirm that Hero and your POS display the same information. 


POS Submission Complete

Note that each card in Title Research, for each course where the item's been adopted, asks whether the POS Submission is complete. 


Title Research is for you to use however you like. One of the ways to use it is as a checklist. As you update your POS with the proper information, click the checkbox by Yes. Then, if you get interrupted you always know exactly where you left off. 

Once you click check that your POS is up to date with every course where the item's been adopted, the item won't be a New Arrival anymore, and will disappear. You'll be able to find it again by looking to the appropriate subsection (ApprovedOn Hold, or even Show All) or by searching directly for the item by ISBN.



That's pretty much it! One more thing to note: each time an item is adopted to a new section, that item will show up in the New Arrivals queue. That's as it should be: you need to make sure that your POS has the item adopted to the appropriate sections, then check it off in Hero. 

One way that Title Research saves you time is that you'll only need to research each item once. If you know that the item is Approved, or know that it's a problem, then each time it appears in New Arrivals an item's card will remind you of your conclusion the last time you researched the title. Simply make whatever adjustments you need to, and move on with your day. 


If anything in here doesn't make a joyous amount of sense, grab your nearest Customer Success Manager or send an email to support@gosidewalk.com. We'll get you taken care of!

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