Student User Guide

Student User Guide

This section walks through the student experience. Hero puts faculty and students on the same page -- literally. This section will be short and sweet, but give you a good idea what students can do with Hero. 

If you'd like a longer read, grab the Faculty, Coordinator or Bookstore user guides. And if you've never met a long read long enough, allow us to suggest the entire Hero User Guide, all in one place. 

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Student User Guide

Accessing Courses Through Single Sign On (SSO)

Your institution's bookstore staff and IT team have linked Hero to key places on campus. You'll will likely find a spot to look for course materials on the bookstore website, inside your LMS and perhaps on the registration page. If Hero is set up using Single Sign On (SSO), once they click to see their course materials, you’ll be taken to a single page in Hero with all your courses pre-populated, which looks something like what you see below. 

This page will contain your full list of courses, and return all course materials being used. There is a price comparison panel that displays the bookstore’s price both for the physical or digital book if they have it, and it displays the price of many online competitors as well so that you can make the best buying decision possible. From here you can check out right at your bookstore’s website, or on the website of another book seller online.

Notice at the top of the page you can toggle to a different term, you can browse the entire catalog, or you can print your booklist entirely. This is a neat feature that consolidates all your materials into a simple list for you to take to your bookstore and pick the shelves.

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Accessing Courses as a Guest

If you're browsing the catalog, or if your campus doesn't have Single Sign On, you’ll see a page like this where you can rapidly select all of your courses at once to view all learning materials.


How short-and-sweet was that? If you have questions and would like more sweetness, reach out to your campus Bookstore or our Store Support team at We'll get you taken care of. 

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